WYG (wastingyourgum) wrote,

The game is afoot!

Yes, I know it's a quote from 'Henry V' that Holmes "borrowed" tyvm...

So this weekend seems to be mostly about sport... and Sherlock Holmes - which I have been dying to see but just haven't had time to - up until now. I am going to make time... somehow... in between lots of men with oddly shaped balls...

I've been a fan of Sherlock Holmes for years. I had all the stories, both short and long, bought and read before I ever went anywhere near Tolkien. What those two fandoms have in common for me is that I think because I discovered them before I discovered boys I've never even remotely thought of them in a slashy way. 

Now I'm all grown up and perverted I have no problem putting slashy subtext into most things so I had the some concern over the LOTR films but nope - still not slashing - I don't even ship Sam/Frodo!

But, thanks to some of my flist, I'm already seeing slash for the new movie coming out and when it's Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law who can blame them! Very pretty boys after all. So my unease is the same as it was - will starting to see Holmes/Watson spoil one of my oldest fandoms for me? I hope not. Who knows -  I may even start writing it myself....

The other weekend activities are all about big, fit men getting sweaty - no denying that.

Hibernian F.C. - my football (that's proper football) team - are playing in the Fifth Round of the Scottish FA cup this afternoon against a team from a much lower league - and I'm nervous as hell. We haven't won the cup since 1902 - 107 years. We've been in the Final 8 times since then and lost every time. Generations have lived and died and never seen the Cup paraded through the streets of Leith - tragic. And every year we think "This is it!"... and every year it's not. We make baseball curses look like minor inconveniences...

But like a mug I shall allow myself to hope once again. We're playing really well right now after all. So we'll probably beat the mighty Montrose - and then get drawn against Celtic or Rangers in the quarter finals!

I have far less optimism for Scotland's chances against France in the Rugby tomorrow but shall watch and cheer anyway. 'Cause who couldn't be happy watching these guys?

And finally I believe there's a little match taking place in the US very similar to rugby but with a whole bunch of padding getting in the way of "teh pretteh"


I probably won't be staying up to watch (K.O is at 11pm here!) but Drew Brees has been working wonders for my hubby's fantasy team for the past two seasons and for that reason (and a little bit of solidarity with darkentwisted) I'm cheering for New Orleans.

Plus I think Peyton Manning is an arse.
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