WYG (wastingyourgum) wrote,

Yep - its another moan

I'm sure I used to post happy stuff here...

I have (in no particular order) a sore throat, no voice, the shivers, a headache, my period, writers block, comm envy, too much easy access to chocolate which, along with a gym membership I'm not using, is making me put weight back on, a funeral to attend on Thursday which will involve hideous family politics, too much work and no desire to do it, a metric ass-load of laundry sitting in piles in the kitchen, a dead home PC that I need to replace the PSU in, a birthday present to buy for a soon to be 8 year old...

and a hopefully understanding f'list who don't mind I use this journal to vent...

Why is it not Spring yet? Daffodils always cheer me up...
Tags: me
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