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Mini-outlaw love!

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Guess who started playing around with replacing userinfo icons... ;)

Much better than the boring old: wastingyourgum 

I've done those three since I'm a mod for treatljohnright , treatmuchright and treatallanright but I've promised I'll do one for Djaq as well and I'm seriously tempted to just carry on and do the lot...

ETA: now with added Djaq!  
ETFA: and Robin!
ETFA: and a Guard!
and a choice of Guys! or or or

To use these icons (or indeed any others you fancy) for the userinfo icon on your journal/comm open up the Custom CSS page for customizing your journal and add the following to it (changing the two paths to the icon to your desired one - this code will give you Allan!):

If you do use one of them, do please give me a little credit on your profile page - thanks!

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