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Well, Gee...

A meme from omteddy2006 who got it from applebeing  who got it from mai_shiranui  who presumably got it from someone else...

Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter.
Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter.
Post the list in your journal.
Give out letters to your commenters in return.

Due to me implying polydactylism in omteddy2006's classmates she determined I should give her 12 things for the letter 'G'...
1. Gordon Kennedy
Let's do the obvious one first, shall we? ;) I've always had a thing for comedians - being made to laugh is a huge turn on for me. If the person making me laugh is a tall, good looking Scotsman with lovely brown eyes - game over, no others need apply (unless of course they are David Tennant, who handily fits all the same criteria).

Gordon first popped up on British TV in 1989 in a sketch show called 'Absolutely' - I was 16... and instantly smitten. When 'Red Cap' came out and I got to see him a) doing more serious acting and b) in uniform... *thud*

When Robin Hood came out I was living in the States and would probably have missed it except for my beloved Mother phoning me up...

Her: "There's a new BBC adaptation of Robin Hood you should look out for."

Me: "Any good?"

Her: "It's alright... Richard Armitage is in it..."

*sound of ears pricking up*

Her: "...and Gordon Kennedy's playing Little John."

*sound of someone frantically checking internet and setting Tivo*

Me: "...Oh... I may give it a look then..." ;)

2. Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

I'm a lousy cook. Actually let me rephrase - for all I know I might be a fantastic cook but I have always been around people who enjoy doing it more than I do so I let them. I really don't have much time for generic cookery programs as a result but there is something deliciously satisfying about watching Gordon Ramsay tear strips off someone for stocking their fridge with 3 month old lettuce... especially (and I apologise for rampant nationalism here) if that person is an American. Added bonus? When I came back to the UK I discovered that I could carry on watching the American version of the show and the narration was re-dubbed for British transmission by Gordon Kennedy(!) - win/win. XD

3. Gluteus maximus muscles

Please see previous two entries (and my husband)... There are also very few rear views in 'Robin Hood' I don't approve of - thank God for all the chase scenes and horse riding...

4. Gordon's Gin
Advertised over here by one Mr Gordon Ramsay (see? There's a thread) I drink lager for everyday (Stella Artois for preference) but G&T is my cocktail of choice, especially as the weather gets warmer. For flat out unconsciousness however, nothing beats straight-from-the-freezer Patron Tequila...

5. Garam Masala
Had the drink, here's the food. I love Indian food... and sushi... and Mexican... but you can't beat a good curry for getting your pulse racing. If it doesn't make my eyeballs sweat it's not trying...

6. Giggling
Please see item #1 again... I laugh all the time - at the stupidest things - and I'm forever cracking jokes (which my friends assure me is endearing and not annoying - not all the time any way). I firmly believe that laughter is good for the soul (which is why I get so pissed off when the blues come to call). My particular favourite to watch for stand-up is Lee Evans.

My husband is not a joker - he's a very quiet, shy, reserved person - which makes it all the more special when he does come out with something because it is invariably the funniest thing I've heard that month - he has a truly wicked sense of humour.

7. Giein' it laldy

I love singing. I sing along to everything in the car at the top of my lungs whether I am alone or not (robinfanatic - you have been warned!) Fortunately I can actually sing and I have a good memory for tunes and lyrics. If the tune is catchy enough and/or one of my favourites I will find it almost physically impossible not to join in. This leads to some very interesting looks in supermarkets, post offices, elevators...

By extension I also love Musical Comedy - the Producers and Rocky Horror are my favourites in that category - speaking of which...

8. Glottal stops

For those of you not into phonetics this is the official description of what my vocal cords are doing when faced with a double letter 'T' in the middle of a word. There was a fantastic Scottish TV advertising campaign a while back which played on this - the tag line was (in proper English) "You can't spread a better bit of butter on your bread." In the Scots dialect this comes out as "Ye cannae spread a be'er bi' o' bu'er on yer bread."

T's - who needs 'em? ;)

I love my accent - so did lots of complete strangers in the US who felt the need to tell me so when I lived there. Of course 90% of them would follow up with "Which part of Ireland are you from?"

9. Goals
Goals, touchdowns, tries, runs - but not baskets, never really got into basketball - I love a wide variety of sports. Association Football (or soccer if you must) is my first love, with rugby a very close second. I used to play both until a very nasty knee injury put me on my arse for three months and I discovered the Internet...

I only made it to one Redskins game in the States (it was fun but way too expensive) but we went to the baseball all the time in Baltimore. Now I'm back home I try to get along to watch my football team (Hibernian) as much as possible. I love watching most sports... and sportsmen - Aussie Rules must get a special mention in this category. (Finding pictures like this also makes me happy - that bowler looks familiar...)

10. Going topless

Relax - not me, my car. I saved up for years to get a Mazda MX-5 (Miata) and though the Scottish weather can be extremely temperamental, when it looks like it'll stay dry for more than 5 minutes between the months of April and October - down comes the roof.

11. Great Outdoors
I don't need to tell anybody how beautiful Scotland is - you can look up the pictures yourself.  And it looks even better from a convertible on a sunny day... I don't go yomping up hills any more (the knee won't let me) but I love being out in the countryside for the day and then sitting by a nice fire with a good single malt in the evening... It doesn't really ever get completely dark in the middle of summer this far north and those long evenings are just delightful when the weather holds good.

12. Giant Erections
Castles and monuments - what did you think I meant? Although given the (affectionate) nickname of the "Phallus Monument" there may be some confusion... I'm a proud member of Historic Scotland and have visited some truly wonderful historic sites both here and abroad (everybody should see the Alhambra in Granada) - bagging a castle is frequently the final destination of the summer topless trips... Looking forward to ticking off a few more with robinfanatic...
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