WYG (wastingyourgum) wrote,

Young at heart

So first things first... I got the ECG removed at lunchtime (and dear God what a relief that was!) but apparently I now have to wait two weeks while they send the results to my GP, who then gets in touch with me.

I'm assuming if it were anything serious there would have been slightly more urgency!

And I had to remove about 8 layers of epidermis to get rid of all the sticky from the tape that was holding the wires in place - ick!

You may remember (but probably not) that some time ago I was angsting over, amongst many other things, what to get an 8 year old as a birthday present. omteddy2006 suggested I cheer myself up by buying myself a toy at the same time.

Well I didn't do that because the toy I wanted wasn't available - but then it became available and I was all over it like Will on a wagon...

My very own Little John... YAY! :)

(Though sadly not the full life-size, ultra realistic version. Honestly the charges these days for bespoke kidnapping are just exorbitant! XD )

He's now perched above my computer desk keeping a stern eye on me as I mod hoodland and continue to be extremely mean to him.

So my inner 8 year old is delighted... and now the hubby has just arrived home so I'm looking forward to seeing just how much of an eyeroll I get... ;)

ETA: LMAO!!! Hubby came through to study asking me something about some paperwork... "so I was thinking you could drop that off tomorrow..." *clocks mini-LJ at his eye level above my desk* "Evenin', John... and they should get back to us next week... I'll go and put the dinner on..."

Barely even paused for breath! XD
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