WYG (wastingyourgum) wrote,

Doesn't time fly...

...when you're having fun?

Almost exactly one year ago today (give or take 5 minutes or so) I de-lurked and made my first post to robinhoodbbc...

Joining a new fandom is always nerve-racking but the folks there have proved to be as nice a bunch of treeporn-loving leather fetishists people as I could have hoped for and several of them have become very good friends as well as "friend"s  - several of those who commented on that first post in fact.

So I thought I'd say "Thank you!" to them all...

- To capslock_hood  - for making me laugh till I can't breathe at some truly awesome crack

- To rh_press  - for the update every week which I still look forward to in case I've missed something

- To robinfanatic for her fantastic RH LJ Fic Index - which let me catch up on a lot of wonderful stories I missed by coming so late to the fandom.

- To the Little people who were kind enough to humour me and join my fic-journal the treatljohnright comm  (and to robinfanatic and darkentwisted for encouraging me to create it in the first place!)

- To both the people still reading Denial ;)

- To Team Outlaws and Team Leather for making hoodland so much fun - I hope we can keep that level of insanity going.

- To railise for the stroke of genius that was Intercomm.

- and to everyone else keeping the fandom going with incredible fics, icons, discussions etc. You guys rock! Especially those of you who comment on my fics! ;)
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