WYG (wastingyourgum) wrote,

A bad case of the Blues...

Well isn't that just wonderful...

Once more my country will be run by the party which holds 1 of its 59 parliamentary seats and got less than 17% of the vote. It's the 1980's all over again...

Quite apart from the residual loathing and contempt Scotland generally has (and will continue to have for quite some time yet) for the Conservatives, I personally am concerned because the Tories have promised that one of the first things they will do is make sweeping cuts across all government departments - and Mr Gum is a civil servant.

I'm very curious to hear the deal the Lib Dems have done - it better be a bloody good one... I can only hope that by resigning at this point Brown has given them a stronger position for negotiations, if those are still ongoing.
Tags: grr, politics
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