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Robin Hood 3x05 Reaction

Haven't done one of these before but have heartily enjoyed those posted by others so thought I'd give it a go... Turns out it is tremendous fun and I shall be doing it again!

So -  real time comments - slightly tidied up for public consumption (and then put behind a cut for length):

  • Introducing Izzy - think I'm going to like her - feisty, smart, fights well but NOT able to take a man on horseback on her own.
  • OMG - the swelling strings! Why not some shots of waves crashing on a beach or flowers blooming while you're at it! - subtle show, v subtle.
  • Oh Guy - I hadn't realised just how much I missed you - the smirk is back - yay!
  • Why does Guy have the map from "Treasure of the Nation"? I'm sure it's the same one. I'm chasing them through Sherwood so will need a map of... Kirklees? Props dept must be on a really tight budget after having to fill all those markets in Nottingham
  • "You're not the boss of me" - aww Vasey looks a bit peeved -lost your favourite plaything?
  • Kate - irritating the hell out of me since 3x02.
  • Much is the girl? again? There's definitely something going on between those two.
  • Tuck says the Elite guard means they're taking you seriously - Great! No-one else here is.
  • The gang splits up so the killer can pick them off one by one - Kate and Isabella get paired up  - WTF??? When did Kate learn to use a sword - Alan giving private lessons?
  • Another new guard for Vasey to abuse - last man in Nottingham they could find to take the job? "Well I used to just be a gate watcher but he's killed everyone above me"
  • Whiny Sheriff - "Years of loyal service count for nothing". blah di blah - I'm sure Guy thought the same when you dumped him gave him over to PJ.
  • Hooray! Little John to the rescue and ouch! - another classic comedy pratfall (he's getting good at those) - but did we really need the tweeting birds sound effect too? Oh yes we're really going for the kiddie audience this week.
  • LJ should just never let his guard down - every time he gets smacked it's by his friends or people he's trying to help!
  • Bertha is great - loving the hair and the heaving bosom! Proper earth-mother type woman (i.e bigger than size 2) I miss Marian's curves - Kate and Izzy are too skinny. (Only historical accuracy I don't like!)
  • GIZMO??! LOL
  • "Where you been?" - "Here mainly" - Well  if you don't count the Holy land and back in 90 minutes, not even time for a tan.
  • "How can I help you officer?" Nice - is he giving the cart a speeding ticket? OMG! What's with the guards eye paint ?! 12th century equivalent of mirror shades??? LOL
  • "He's a leper" - *cough* - would have been more convincing if you got a body part to drop off, John.
  • "Are you a giant? Nope I'm pretty much the same size as the other guys - the beard just makes me look bigger.
  • Impossibly cute ginger kid. - almost certain to be in mortal peril at some point.
  • And John gets suckered in by the cuteness (and Bertha's Bosom?)- The show must go on! Yay!
  • To paraphrase Python: "A Lion?! In Nottingham?" - oh that's just so cracktastic. Mediaeval kings did have their own private zoos but I doubt they released parts of them to wander round the East Midlands.
  • Oh this is just so wonderful! I haven't laughed so hard in ages!! "I have hundreds of men to herd you into a corner! But will kill you with a very moth eaten lion, (instead of just hacking you to bits or firing crossbows at you)..."
  • "They can smell fear" - how the hell does Alan know? Meet many lions down the pub?
  • Ooh - Chemical warfare - I love Gisborne's solution - have somebody else stand in for you! His double on the horse at that point isn't even remotely convincing.. LOL
  • "Where's John?" - thank you, Alan! 'Bout time someone noticed - Robin's still all "Me, me, me". I really like how Much, Alan and John seem much closer this series. If we can just punt Kate (and Tuck tones it down a few notches) the gang will be in great shape.
  • Topless John!! There is a God and he likes me and influences costume decisions for me. Now obviously LJ isn't in the same shape as the gladiators but let's be fair, the man's over 50 and looking pretty good for it. (And for me John is all about the cuddly and the big brown eyes anyway.)
  • "Ladies love him" - ewww no - Other beardy guy is wayyy too hairy. This lady would still like the one in the mask by the wagon please.
  • "Something better than money" - Oh I'm definitely liking Bertha! - Sheriff almost looked tempted now Giz is off the menu. Don't think you're worth 100 though love - foolin' yourself there.
  • Nooo - stay good Bertha! - we like you too much for you to turn out rotten. Collapsible sword?
  • "You saved my life" and got up completely wrong for the camera so had to get up and sit down again - lol
  • "Now I have to save your life" - gosh I wonder if he'll get a chance?
  • Kid does "look of awesome hero worsip" very well - and doesn't want John to lose - awww.
  • Whiny Gizzy and Izzy - Ah the touching reunion! They really could be brother and sister! Great tension between them but absolutely no sexual spark - fantastically well acted. (Of course I could watch RA read the phone book and be moved to tears)
  • Whiny Kate - whiny whiny nippy! Why are you still there? Go home - you're not outlawed and Much and Alan will never love you - they love each other!!
  • "She wouldn't "  - how the hell does he know that? Known her all of 30 seconds and trusts her not to tell Guy.. well OK there's nothing she could tell Guy but still.
  • Hello guys - still no John? Just going to assume he's in Nottingham??
  • Awww Bertha - you had such potential. Was liking her right up to the point she actually tells Titus (at least a plausible name - Gizmo?!?)  to kill John. Was still hoping there would be trickery involved - fake sword or something but no - she's actually a bitch.
  • Badly dubbed Hungarian paedo alert!!
  • Whiny John! Why do I have to lose? Lol
  • Oooh - Nice Arm scar LJ! Now here's a question - John's or GKs? Are the makeup dept. just looking for things to do or is it genuine? I checked back and he's had it since 1x02... (unlike Robins' ink which has appeared since Series 1 at some point) - I just can't put that much faith in the continutity on this show!
  • That's the plan - stroll in and surrender? "Robin!" - Yeah - she totally wants him - how can Guy not see that?
  • Guy really is so very pretty - and so are his clothes - would still like him better without so many of them :o)
  • Oop - second obvious double of the evening - NOT-Robin climbs on top of the lion-box
  • Release the hounds lion! 1 (even hungry) lion would eat half of one guard and go to sleep.
  • Like the masks - always knew John was just a big pussy cat...
  • A whip? Kinky....
  • Vasey mouthing "Get on with it" - oh I love the Sheriff - will miss him way more than Robin.
  • John can actually sword fight - more of Allan's private lessons? 
  • Gizzy's been playing "Pimp my sister"! My god - historical accuracy - are you feeling alright show? They really do work very well together.
  • John's getting into it, playing to the crowd and completely forgetting to lose - nice. Love his reaction when she reminds him - the whole shoulder sag - you didn't even need to see his face! I watched for the join but I think that was GK for that whole fight scene - good job!  
  • Cute ginger kid saves the day! Quelle surprise! I do like the kid, though. Hope he gets to kick Bertha in the backside.
  • John does a nice drop under the ropes to continue fighting - Hmmm - future career in Medaieval WWE? Hit him with a chair John!!
  • John has got to keep that outfit! But do we want to know where he pulled that quarterstaff from? Picks up ginger kid - doesn't have it - rounds corner - appears in his hand. Jedi John?
  • "She's welcome to the slaving money" - Ah Bertha is a rank badyin after all. What happened to "Money is better than sex?" Vasey's happily used slaves before... Stupidly out of character.
  • "Somebody kill that man" - love it.
  • Gizzy "has snatched defeat..." - (and shall be my bitch again - hooray)!!
  • Who in the Hell has gates that bar on the outside? WTF?!
  • Is it me or does that guard being used a as human shield look like he's laughing and enjoying it? And the one behind Vasey is about 70!
  • ORPHANAGE??? Oh, show. So Vasey is stripping his own castle bare to pay PJ but Nottingham Social Services is thriving?
  • Awww - John saying goodbye to ginger kid - echoes of LLJ. Nice speech too. John really just cares about people - Robin is a spoilt glory-seeking brat with a hero-complex (that Tuck is soooo not helping).
  • Vasey is definitely losin' it... Ooh another nice costume though - I've seen curtains in that pattern... "Is this what distracted you?" Jealous much? He's so relieved when it's Gizzy's sis and not competition - priceless!
  • Robin/Isabella - you're not fooling anybody - "I know what you do to nobles" - shag them silly?
  • Cheek stroking while saying goodbye? Yeah he totally wants her.
  • Whiney Prince John - yay! He's going to be sooo much fun.
  • Where'd all those outlaws come from?
  • Aha - big full on Robin/|Isablle snog - didn't see that coming! When you gonna tell her you're a widower not a bachelor?
  • "Kill the Sherriff for me, Gisborne" - ooh - can't wait for next week now!


The (not-so) pretty kitty - still laughing and will be all week.

Kate - SHUT UP!!! Please!! And go away and die and let Alan and Much realise they love each other and don't need you or Robin. Can we see more Alan and Much and a lot less Kate please? Where was Much this week?

Tuck - really liked at first - was just bossy and annoying this week.

Gladiator plot - silly, unnecessary but good fun and lovely to see John prove he can string coherent sentences together when given the chance (if he goes back to yoda-speak grunts next week I shall be most put out). Also just lovely to see more of John - in every sense ;o)

Loved Bertha's character and I really liked the kid but this (like previous plots with kiddies) did come across to me as a blatant attempt to appeal to the 8 year old audience. Or am I just a teensy bit too cynical? Naaaah.

Vasey - I will *really* miss him but if Guy mounts a very hostile take over that's a good plot development.

Isabella - I like the character, actress is very good, she and Guy together are great but Robin/Izzy that quickly? Keep it in your pants, Hood! You're recently bereaved remember? No? Starts with M?

Robin - I just don't care - only Marian and Much made you interesting. Can we return this one and get a shiny new one please?

Guy is back and god the show needs him. I'm still firmly in the "He must be redeemable" camp.

PJ next week!! - speaking of camp...
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