October 20th, 2009


My fall back position...

I just remembered that this Sunday is when the clocks go back (for us here in the UK anyway - US goes back 1 week later).

This means 2 things:
  1. Winter is fast approaching. It'll get light at 7am and not 8am, which makes the mornings easier (briefly) but it'll also get dark by 5pm and not 6pm. The days really draw in fast at this time of year. The weather has also taken a distinct turn for the colder. This is depressing to say the least.
  2. I get to party for an hour on Sunday!
I should explain point 2 - my birthday is in late March. This year it was on the day the clocks went forward so I had a 23 hour birthday. I'm owed that hour dammit and I'm going to have it!

There shall be cake - oh yes, there shall be cake...