December 6th, 2010

Christmas tree

No particular place to go...

The good news is that the powers that be have declared that, thanks to the unbelievable amount of snow that has fallen since 9am (and continues to fall) my office is officially closed and we can all go home.

The bad news is that the roads are also all closed which makes achieving that a little tricky.

And apparently it only gets worse the further East you go - guess in which direction my home lies... Oh yeah - 8 miles East and up a hill.

Still, at least I'm stuck in a nice warm office with coffee and Internet and not in a snow drift by the side of the road somewhere...

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Writer's Block: Television! Is there anything it cannot do?

What is the best new TV series of 2010?

Sherlock. Hands down.

There have been some good new series of existing shows but for brand new knock-your-socks-off excellence it has to go to Sherlock. Beautifully shot, superbly written and with a cast that is just a joy to watch - the only thing wrong with it was its brevity and the fact we need to wait a year for more.

*Insert Dr Zhivago music here*

Good Lord! What a day...

Well at least I am actually back in my own house. There are apparently plenty people stuck on the roads who are not so fortunate. Not so fortunate as to have a good mate with a 4x4 who left his nice warm house and came to get me and Allan and take us home without even being asked. He just phoned up, said "You'll never get your car back up here. I'll come get you. Get your stuff ready." Luckily by that time Allan had managed to get a train out of Glasgow to meet up with me.

The main roads were all jammed with abandoned vehicles so we had to do it the hard way - the teeny back road, up and over the hill! Highly entertaining. John dropped us off on a road that goes past the top end of our estate (but not into it) and we walked the last stretch.

So in brief- we're home, we're warm and my mate John is a prince amongst men. :)