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21 June 2009 @ 10:43 am
Robin Hood 3x12 Reaction  
ETA - Never realised before I hadn't lj-cut this monster!

Random points jotted down throughout the show:
  • "I bet you can't do it with three" - DO NOT WANT - What a waste of arrows. Let's be a tease and see if we can make him muck up something important. Might even get someone killed if we're lucky. Kate = FAIL.
  • Keith Allen in the credits - subtle, v subtle.
  • Robin obviously is well over that shoot-not-to-kill thing isn't he? How many does he take out in Locksley?
  • Ooh - new scary dude with v. scary voice.
  • Izzy really has lost it hasn't she? but her costumes are still fabulous.
  • Brother and sister - so I'm looking at you totally inappropriately. "Leper father, mother died in a fire" - but everybody knows that - proves nothing.
  • That guard behind Archer - fail - if we can see him picking the lock how can't you?
  • I am so over Tuck's preaching. I still want his backstory but what I really want is for him to STFU.
  • Kate's mum = Roy's Mum II? No - even better appealing to her motherly instincts. Izzy - you devious besom...
  • That little laugh after "Hell is coming?" totally insane and totally brilliant.
  • Why does Kate not ask why Isabella gave her Mum a locket? FAIL
  • Robin loves the love - doesn't question why Kate's Mum wants a hug.
  • A tunnel nobody knows about - except some guy in the pub Archer conveniently talks to.
  • Kate - what happened to "I trust Robin - he's so fab"? FAIL "He killed my brother" - we know already!!!
  • Ooh - Robin can't tell her he needs her more than her family - interesting
  • Pardoning Allan - genius! Izzy breaks up the gang - combined with actually recognising John (and by name!) last week makes her much smarter than Vaizey was on several occasions!
  • Aaand here's the main gripe of the week  - Last week - Allan is the only one who goes after John, convinces him he's needed, saves him from being carted off to Nottingham at personal risk to himself and gives the "I'm your family" bit This week - John totally forgets all that - hears one announcement  from the bad guys and loses it - totally inconsistent... He'd have doubts sure but going to 200% "Allan is a traitor" again? No. EPIC FAIL. And with my favourite character too! Writers - you suck.
  • Giz laughing at John beating up Allan - wtf? Are we sure he's on your side?
  • None of you believe me - heartbreaking. Superb acting from JoeA.
  • Goodbye hugs - John/Much moment - both yay and Awww..
  • Tuck - STFU - you're not Henry V, this isn't Band of Brothers.
  • Defeat the Sheriff "even if it's the last thing we ever do" - Oh I'm so liking the sound of that - NOT!!
  • Kate's Mum - Oh you love him! Well that changes everything... FAIL.
  • It's broad daylight but burning torches are traditional for a peasant mob.
  • We're going to sit down - I so love John's WTF face (and he gets to use it so often recently). That whole speech he's like "Well I think you're talking shite but whatever."
  • Might be no flies on Tuck but wasps? 10 points to DH for not screaming like a girl... I always do.
  • What is that - cat litter? Quick guys - start peeing yourself and it'll clump....
  • What Allan should have said: "I'm not bein' funny but aren't you dead?"
  • ALLAN - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So sad. So very very very sad. He doesn't know they know he's not a traitor and they'll never know he was coming back to warn them.I'm incredibly sad Allan died - he's not my favourite but he's an OO and I do love both the character and how JoeA portrays him. But it's a beautiful, poignant, tragic, heart-breaking, lonely death and I think if he had to go that was the way to do it. They're fighting for him now - not just Nottingham.
  • Much!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!! The hand slowly sinking - Don't let go Robin you twat!
  • Hesitates because of Tuck's dignity or his office? Either is good - Izzy has no qualms about harming clergy though does she?
  • Please please just kill Kate - she's asking you nice and everything!
  • Yay - Archer is good again (for now anyway - jury is still out). Boo - he saved Kate. Doesn't Izzy have another bolt for that crossbow?
  • Screw Robin and Guy - how's Much? Alive yay - and he held on to his hat!
  • Catfight - truly awful but the first and indeed only time my husband (who usually doesn't even watch the show but we were eating dinner) has shown any interest - LOL.
  • Love Blamire - "and that's my problem how?" I don't think he's working for you Izzy. Or indeed ever has been.
  • Peoples Socialist Republic of Nottingham - yay!
  • Much, Robin and John roll out the sacking with Allan. Joe's eyes.... wow. Had to be those three - and their reactions - oh god. Much's face just screams "Hug Me" - Robin (Who I don't usually like) is brilliantly "I am so upset but I can't show it" and John's face when he's carrying Allan's body into Nottingham - *cries*.
  • Kate looks shocked but somehow not sad - yet more fuel to the "actually I do hate her now" fire.
  • YAY - Vaizey's back!! God I've missed him - kissed the sword - love it. Only sad that a mere 45 minutes means he can't die a long lingering death next week.
  • "The plan is in place." So who's the inside man (or woman)?
  • Next week looks well exciting. Slight concern at still of John looking a little warm though...
Kegel: Robin can have his cakekegel84 on June 21st, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
What is that - cat litter? Quick guys - start peeing yourself and it'll clump....

lol, I laughed so hard about this.

The EPIC FAIL was really stupid. They seem to have a brain cell trust issue in the gang if

* Kate thinks Robin is in league with Isabella because her mother got a part of a locket from Isabella and Kate coincidentally finds the other part at the camp.

* the whole gang thinks Allan betrayed them to Isabella because of a proclamation by Isabella.

Edited at 2009-06-21 01:07 pm (UTC)
medievalmuse on June 21st, 2009 02:50 pm (UTC)
"What is that - cat litter? Quick guys - start peeing yourself and it'll clump...."

Me too!!! I'm laughing like the crazy cat lady I am.
medievalmuse on June 21st, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
You've said much of what I was thinking but with much better wit and eloquence!!!

I didn't even think about this line "The plan is in place." until your recap.
Oh my:( There could be major shenanigans afoot. I keep wondering what Vaizey meant by his final words to Gisborne "nothing is as it seems". And when Isabella says "hell is coming" - did she know something in advance?

Brilliant episode recap!
cherish4cherish4 on June 21st, 2009 06:02 pm (UTC)

Oh Allan...I was like that, just felt ever arrow that went into him. Heart breaking.

Much!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!! The hand slowly sinking - Don't let go Robin you twat!

Oh god I swear I was close to totally losing it when I thought Much was gonna die then too.

Yay - Archer is good again (for now anyway - jury is still out). Boo - he saved Kate.

Hehehe..I have to admit I had a fist-in-the-air "yay!" moment when Archer decided to be good but I do wish he'd let them kill miss-whines-all-the-time first.
robinfanaticrobinfanatic on June 21st, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
# Ooh - Robin can't tell her he needs her more than her family - interesting

oh yeah... that was quite interesting giving me hope that there won't be a white picket fence for Kate either. I still do not like her.

I missed the opening credits - crappy video streaming - so I was surprised to see Vaisey at the end but love that he's back in all his good old evil self. The finale should be fabulous.

Had me worried about Much, too! It was horrible watching that wondering if they were going to take him out, too. I am so glad he had his cap but it was nice seeing his hair for a change, even if it did have limestone in it!

Much & John's emotions throughout were brilliantly played. Heartbreaking. Several boxes of kleenex are empty. Joe did a fabulous job - I think this had to be his best performance of the entire series. So sad... so very sad... it's just heartwrenching that he died thinking the gang didn't trust him. He's a hero. A real hero.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.