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Fic: Lone Wolf (J/L), Chapter 10

Title: Lone Wolf, Chapter Ten
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Characters:  D.I. Greg Lestrade, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Pairings: John/Lestrade
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Genre: Slash
Words: ~1450

Summary: March 29th, 2010, Lestrade calls Sherlock into the Yard after an interesting discovery in the blown up building opposite his flat...

Note: now also available on AO3.

First Chapter: ( Chapter One )
Previous Chapter: Chapter Nine )

Chapter Ten

March 29th, 2010

Most people at the Met had quickly accepted John as Sherlock's shadow, especially when they saw the effect he had on Sherlock's naturally acerbic temperament. As they both entered the Homicide and Serious Crime Command area nobody was surprised to see John in his usual position, one step behind the self-styled consulting detective.

Nobody except Lestrade - who knew that John had more than likely spent the whole of last night somewhere other than 221B Baker Street after parting from both Lestrade and Sherlock on less than friendly terms.

Had John returned to Baker Street this morning and been there with Sherlock when Lestrade called? Had Sherlock met him somewhere else or picked him up en route? Maybe he'd just called John and asked to him to meet at the Yard? Had John even known the Yard was where they were heading? Lestrade couldn't help wondering why John was here, how much he already knew and whether or not he was even speaking to him.

Well, wherever he'd come from, he was here now and Lestrade was going to do what any other grown-up, sensible Englishman would - carry on as if last night had never happened...

He barely acknowledged John and spoke directly to Sherlock as he led them into his office. "You like the funny cases, don't you? The surprising ones..."


Lestrade peered over Sherlock's shoulder at the image on the pink phone. "221 C? The basement flat? Are you sure?"

"Positive. That mirror is particularly distinctive."

"Right. I'll get a car and--"

"No." Sherlock swept out of the room, John in tow, leaving Lestrade to scramble for his jacket and race to catch up with him.

"I still don't understand what you have against police cars, " Lestrade grumbled as they took the lift to the ground floor.

"Too conspicuous." Sherlock strode from the lift, swept out of the front doors and marched briskly to the edge of the pavement.

"And you're all about blending in, aren't you?" Lestrade winked at John behind Sherlock's back but John's face remained impassive and he turned away.

Bugger... Neither forgiven nor forgotten it looks like...

John stepped aside as the cab Sherlock had just hailed drew up alongside them. "You go in first, Lestrade. I want the pull down seat. My back is killing me."

I really didn't need to know that... Thought he'd be happier if he got his end away last night...

Lestrade clambered into the cab and stared out of the window as Sherlock flopped down beside him still studying the pink phone and checking things on his own. John climbed in and sat facing Sherlock but looking out of the window on his side of the vehicle.

Lestrade breathed a little deeper; DustSHERLOCKRosinLeatherSoapFemaleJOHNSweatFloral - Sherlock had been playing his violin this morning? Ignore that - Sarah, her perfume, the fabric conditioner of her bedsheets was all over John. Lestrade rubbed at his nose and shut his senses off - no use torturing himself.

They were almost there before Sherlock slipped both phones back into separate pockets of his coat. From the corner of his eye Lestrade could see Sherlock looking back and forth between his two companions. He got the distinct impression John was also watching-while-not-watching.

"This makes a pleasant change. Usually can't get you two to shut up," Sherlock commented. "Ah , here we are."

The taxi turned into Baker Street and slowed to a stop.

Sherlock jumped out.

John and Lestrade barely glanced at each other as they hurried after him.


Sherlock carefully lifted the trainers from the centre of the floor.

"Right. I'll take these to Bart's and see what more they can tell me that they haven't already."

Lestrade sighed. "Sherlock, you can't just remove evidence from a crime scene. Forensics will--"

"Forensics will take several days and that woman only has hours. Besides this isn't a crime scene. The crime scene is across the road."

"Burglary is a crime."

"Housebreaking is a little beneath the remit of the Serious Crime Command, isn't it? Nothing is broken, nothing is missing and I'm taking the shoes so the flat will be exactly as it was. At best you could only prove trespass - unless 'aggravated leaving of footwear' is on our statute books now?"

"I still need to get Anderson and his mob in here to check for the usual fingerprints, fibres and what have you. Anything that can help us track down the bomber."

"They won't find any, but I suppose the practice will do them good. I'll let you know if I find anything on the shoes."

Lestrade held up his hands in defeat. "Oh God, fine then. Just get on with it."

Sherlock smirked in triumph and headed for the stairs. "John?"

John stepped back as Sherlock passed, still looking anywhere but at Lestrade.

Lestrade decided the carpet and mirror were more interesting than anything else in the room at that point.

"Oh, for pity's sake!" Sherlock exploded with exasperation making both men snap their heads round to look at him. "Can we please deal with this tedious drama before it gets in the way of what could prove to be the most fun case I've had in ages! John, Lestrade was round at Baker Street last night before the dust had even settled to see if you were alright. He knows he's been an idiot - he's just incredibly stubborn and scared of change. Lestrade - John's back is sore because he slept on Sarah's sofa, not on Sarah. He wouldn't commit to her because he still wants you."

John and Lestrade both choked in shock before blurting out simultaneously, "Sherlock! You've no right--" "I am not scared!"

"Please," Sherlock scoffed. "Let me make this simple - you want him, he wants you, you're both idiots. Now, kiss and make up or whatever the hell it is you need to do. I have bigger fish to fry." He practically ran up the stairs leaving John and Lestrade shuffling their feet and still avoiding looking at each other.

"You... you came round last night?" John asked Lestrade after what felt like a hundred years.

Lestrade nodded. "I was nearby; heard the explosion and figured if it wasn't your flat, it was damn close. I scraped his nibs off the floor but you weren't there."

"So you thought I'd gone to Sarah's to..."

"Yeah. I couldn't blame you. You must've been bloody frustrated. Sorry."

"I was... and I was going to, but... Well, it's complicated. I like Sarah but we've never really clicked, y'know? Not like..." John waved his hand vaguely between the two of them.


"I thought it was our place too - the TV news just said Baker Street and I assumed--"

"John!" Sherlock's bellow echoed down the stairwell.

"You better go," Lestrade said. "I need to get cracking on trying to trace that poor bloody woman." He dug his phone out of his pocket but gripped it tightly instead of using it. "Do you... Could I still... I mean, are we--?"


"Go on. " Lestrade stepped to one side to allow John to pass. "Hopefully we'll get together later, yeah?"

"Yeah." John put his foot on the first stair, but then he abruptly whirled round, pushed Lestrade up against the wall and kissed him, briefly but fiercely. "And this time we're getting together properly and staying that way. Right?"

Lestrade gaped at him then felt his face break into a broad smile. He shoved John away towards the stairs. "Get on with you."

John threw him a wink then bounded up the stairs and vanished.

It took Lestrade a few seconds before he realised he was just standing there, grinning like the very idiot Sherlock had just accused him of being and he still had a lot of things to get organised.

He flipped open his phone, pressed the speed dial and waited till he got a response. "Donovan, call the team in. We've got a hostage in a unknown location, apparently wired up with a bunch of explosives and we're on a 12 hour countdown. Some unknown person or persons is communicating through her via a pager or something. Better notify SO15 as well..."
Tags: char: lestrade, char: sherlock, char: watson, fandom: sherlock, fic, fic: lone wolf, pair: john/lestrade, rating: pg13
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