WYG (wastingyourgum) wrote,

In for a penny...

Well having finally got off my arse and created [info]treatljohnright I posted the first fic there (and I believe anywhere) with John, Legrand and Eleanor as a threesome.

I can happily admit to being a bit nervous. It's not canon - it's one of the less popular regular characters and two guest characters, one of whom died in canon - but they make such a great little dynamic and I love writing them.

I'm quite possessive of my odd wee OT3 though I have no right to be as they wouldn't even exist without darkentwisted and robinfanatic's encouragement and why should I keep all the big beefy goodness to myself?

Still... the self-doubting part of me was tempted to do just that.

*deep breath*

However, nobody treats John right like Eleanor and Legrand... and that was the point of setting up the comm in the first place. So other people in the RH fandom can see just how warped my tiny little mind is and steer well clear and I don't infect the main comms full of sensible people writing lovely stories about Carter and Much and Much and Robin and Robin and Marian and Marian and Guy and Guy and Allan and Allan and Will and Will and Djaq (and Allan)!

And maybe omteddy2006 might finally forgive me for "A Little Chat with the Sheriff"...;)
Tags: gordon kennedy, robin hood
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