WYG (wastingyourgum) wrote,

Happy St Andrew's Day!

Like St Patrick's Day but with whisky instead of Guinness.

The Scottish Govt. have made a very big deal of St Andrew's Day this year since it's the 250th anniversary of Rabbie Burns birth.

(For those of you who think you've never heard of 'The Bard' I have three words: Auld. Lang. Syne. You also owe him for the phrase "Of Mice and Men".)

I don't know why it's not more widely celebrated. Maybe because we tend to spend the whole year round boasting about how fantastic it is to be Scottish so we don't need a special day set aside to do it? Or maybe it's that we already celebrate Burn's Night in January?

Whatever, even with the concerted effort of the Scottish National Party I can't say I noticed any more fuss being made this year than any other year. Except two guys at work showed up in kilts - which is always nice to see.

I personally am in the bizarre camp of being a Nationalist Monarchist. I'd like Scotland to be independent but I'd also like to keep the Royals because technically they were ours first...

Anyway - Happy St Andrew's Day to any of my f'list who have Scottish ancestry and my deepest condolences to the rest of you! ;)

Here's tae us - wha's like us? Gey few an' they're a' deid!
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