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Where did I put my spare head?

Good Lord,  I feel rough.

Last night was my workplace's Christmas party...

Damage control report:
Dehydration level, 45%.
Recall of previous evening, 2%.
Embarrassment factor, 91%!

Advised repair schedule; reboot startup disc, offline for 36 hours and replace head...
"Red Dwarf" - The Last Day

To paraphrase '42nd Street': the two most beautiful words in the English language: Musical Comedy Free Bar.

At least I learned my lesson from last year and didn't mix my drinks - now I just need to work on remembering that quantity is as equally devastating as variety... And I did make it into work for 10 unlike some of my other colleagues who have been straggling in in various states of dishevelment throughout the day...

Quite a few of you, my lovely and much-treasured f'list, are struggling with real, and in some cases quite serious, illnesses entirely not of your own making so I expect little in the way of sympathy. I will instead assure you that today I can at least empathise with you a little more.

Thank God for Irn-Bru...

And snow! All the pretty snow outside has made me feel much more festive. I usually love Christmas and this is ridiculously late for me to be only now getting into the seasonal spirit but RL is just nuts right now. Putting the deccies up over the weekend will help quite a bit too...

I suppose I should also do some shopping at some point...

ETA: WTF? LJ ate my line breaks! Did I drool on my Return key too much or something?
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