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Sweetie - you're wasting your gum...

29 March
Robin Hood Animated Mood Theme by rory_tutorgirl.

I am a Scottish, female, married, sarcastic, geeky, fitba' crazy, cat person. I work for a software company. I laugh a lot, I sing in the shower and the car, I encourage you to do likewise.

I'm primarily involved with the "Robin Hood" fandom where I'm in a cheerleading team of one for Little John (Gordon Kennedy) - somebody has to love the grumpy old lump after all ;) You can find a list of all my RH fanfic here.

Recently I've started dipping my toe in the "Sherlock" fandom, particularly any and all things related to D.I. Lestrade (Rupert Graves). Nothing officially written yet but I may (or may not) have contributed to the BBC Sherlock and general Sherlock Holmes anonymous kink memes... you'll just have to wait and see if I decide to take the credit...

(For hoodland - I'm retired from Team Outlaws now I'm one of the mods!)

(For hoodland Christmas Round)

(for the rh_intercomm scoreboard)

(Moved all my other writing awards to here)